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About My Site

This is me -- writing. Well, not at that desk or in that dress. And where's my laptop?

This is me — writing. Well, not at that desk or in that dress. And where’s my laptop?

I am so glad you are visiting my site. Over the years, I have found interesting & informative sites on various topics & have included them on the ‘Research Links’ section of this site.

Under ‘For Writers’ are links for publishers & agents information plus submission guidelines &  suggestions. Check the Editorial References and Phrase, Word, & Grammar Assistors!

News & Events’ is a new section that replaces my previous emails. Be sure to use the Subscribe to Email from Michele found in the footer of all pages as well as the sidebar on most of the pages.

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Medieval Era Research

RAn EXTENSIVE list of links for Medieval Research.

From Medieval Warfare to Entertainment in that era. History links for the period & that prior to the Medieval Era.

The Crusades. The Vikings. Medieval Law. Churches. Knights & Soldiers. Heraldry.

The lifestyle of the period — the clothes, the food, the customs. The rulers of the period. Occupations, famous people of the era, etc.

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Regency Era Research

Vauxhaul Garden.

Vauxhaul Garden
[Image source: Wikipedia]

Writing novels or stories set in the Regency Era requires attention to detail.

My Regency Era Research page has a comprehensive list of links such as Regency History, Transportation & Roads. Plus…

Life in that era, a Lexicon, Peerage & Titles, Entertainment & Arts.

Regency Weddings & Marriage, the Military, Appearance, (Clothing, Hairstyles, Headdresses).

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